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Mick Overman

P.O. Box 15083 Portland OR 97293-5083

VOX 831.234.3230


(business) office@mickoverman.com

(personal) mickoverman@yahoo.com




Management • Booking








Professional Associates


Photography - Design


Graphics & Recording Production


Dave Stephens caricaturesbydave.com


Cookie Marenco cookiemarenco.com


Goodman Graphics goodman-graphics.com


Jackie Miller Designs jackiemiller.com




Mick Overman Detailed Equipment List




R. Taylor Style 1 Twelve String #039 2010

(Indian Rosewood / Sitka Spruce / Venetian Cutaway w/ Taylor Expression System & Short Scale Neck)

San Diego Sheriff Dept. Case #12116717 Detective Watkins (760) 940-4551


Stage And Studio


Acoustic-Electric Guitars


Taylor 816ce #1103095124 (Brazilian Rosewood / Sitka Spruce / Venetian Cutaway / Taylor Expression System 2)

Taylor 856ce #1107112099 (Indian Rosewood / Sitka Spruce / Venetian Cutaway / Taylor Expression System)

National Style 1 Tricone Cutaway # T1C-1355-C (Custom Neck / Highlander Magnophonic Pickup)


R Taylor Style 1 #051-2006 (Brazilian Rosewood / Engleman Spruce / Venetian Cutaway / Taylor Expression System) Studio Only

R. Taylor Style 2 #039 2009 (Madagascar Rosewood / Adirondack Spruce / Venetian Cutaway / Taylor Expression System)


Taylor GS Mini #2102132035


Acoustic-Electric Guitar Preamps

Taylor Guitars K4 Equalizers


Electric Guitars

Fender Stratocaster #S975717 (1979 USA)

Taylor T5-S1 #20051209530


Electric Guitar Amplifiers

1969 Fender Princeton Reverb #A 13393

Restored & Customized By Trevor Labovitz Arcane Amplification


King Amplification Uptown 33 Proto 0106


Jim Dunlop Manufacturing

MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay

MXR SUPERCOMP Compressors #AA91W722 & #AA91W723(Electric and Acoustic Guitars)

Crybaby 535Q-B Multi-Wah #AA45B101

DC BRICK Power Supply DCB10

Trigger Capos 83CB / 83C7N

Ivroid Thumbpicks #9206


Additional Acoustic & Electric Guitar Accessories (Stage & Studio)

Mogami Instrument Cables

Monster Cable Studio Pro 1000 Microphone Cables

BOSS CE2 Chorus

IBANEZ TS9 Tube Screamer #192627

Ernie Ball Volume Pedal

Hohner Harmonicas

Hohner Harmonica Rack

MXR 10 Band Graphic Equalizer 108

BOSS Chromatic Tuner TU-12H #CR9865 1

Whirlwind Audio Selector A/B Box

Taylor Universal A/B/Both Box

Velvet Thunder RE-E DI


Sound System

AER Domino 3 #086000042

Shure Beta 58A / Heil PR22 / Shure SM58

BOSS MS100A Monitor #414623