Mick's 4th Max Records release contains 12 new songs produced by Santana's Myron Dove. Bassist Dove and Overman assembled what they felt was the ideal group for this project with Santana drummer Billy Johnson and Zero keyboardist Chip Roland. The cd has an underproduced live feel and was recorded and mixed at Cookie Marenco's OTR Studios in Belmont CA. After performing nonstop for 12 years in the bay area and on the road Overman chose to detach from the business end of the music biz and focus on songwriting. "Authentic" represents some of the results of a two year relative seclusion and reveals changes in the artist's perspective and priorities. The solo acoustic cuts "Tying Up Loose Ends" and "Bulletproof" are rich with depth and introspection. Rock cuts "Clear As A Bell" and "No Good Reason" as well as the single "Wagging Them Tail" are as intense as anything he's done yet. "Prayer For Corina" and "If I Had It" are impactful and emotional while "Junkyard Religion" and "All That I Can Give" lean way over into the funky side. "Authentic" is engaging and consistent throughout.



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